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Infrastructure Project Management :

Our Infrastructure Project Management services have been a key component in the timely delivery of many complex and time constrained infrastructure and data center projects. With proven expertise in the following areas we are strongly positioned to deliver your infrastructure projects on time, on budget and to specification:
  1. Project Management Methodologies
  2. Infrastructure & data center design and implementation
  3. Vendor coordination and management
  4. Deliverable Management
  5. Project Documentation
  6. Site Office Management
  7. Budgeting and cost control
  8. Training in Networking, Unix, Desktop, & Telecoms.

"We are strongly positioned to deliver your infrastructure

                                  project on time, on budget and to specification."

Relocation Project Management :

PalmGroves Tech provides costing, planning and coordination for technology and people relocations, and restacks of existing building. These relocation and restack projects have varied in size of several users. Project deliverables have included full documentation of pre and post migration desktop, server and market data system including topologies and system designs, dependency analyses, budget and cost tracking, migration scheduling, lead tine analyses, procurement procedures, risk management, implementation management and user acceptance testing.

Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery :

Our consultants have broad experience in executing BCP-DR projects. Our BCP-DR projects are managed with the following vision:

  1. Business Impact which ensures that the most cost effective business continuity measures are introduced in line with defined business risks and activities.
  2. BCP with Alternative Recovery Site Plan consisting of the production of a Business Continuity Plan IT Requirement Report, the purpose of the report is to detail the IT Systems necessary to translate the IT requirements described into a desktop and machine room equipment requirement.
  3. DR Site Build following approval of the plans, a DR site is built out. This is requires the participation of local and possibly regional IT personnel. During this exercise, third party vendor proposals and pricing are evaluated and compared to global pricing and current service level agreements in order to implement the most cost effective solution.
  4. DR Site test following the site build, an associated test and training procedure is conducted for each business unit. The results from this testing and training will identify problem issues and provide feedback required to update the BCP/DR procedures, roles and responsibilities associated with IT systems and support infrastructure.

Strategic Analysis :

As an organization, our multi-disciplinary approach enables strategic clarity as it relates to technology, physical infrastructure and financial impact. From defining your overall Data Center, Server Migration, Technology Renewal or Relocation Strategies, to implementing a BCP/DR solution, with several projects under our belt can formulate a best fit IT strategy for your organization. Our analysts will walk you through a step-by=step process including a review of your long term business objectives, current technology infrastructure, business processes, service vendors and contractor positioning, the output of which will be a clearly defined IT strategy encompassing the most cost-effective and technologically feasible solution for your business.

Migrations and Technology Renewal :

Deploying a clear Migration and Technology Renewal strategy will enable your business to make technology decisions based on cost, your return on investment, and the impact to your business. Often current systems can be migrated within the same product line where systems will be upgraded with hardware and / or software to meet your current and long term business needs, In case where your existing technology is unable to meet the current or long term needs of your organization a new technology migration strategy will need to be developed. Where moving to a new technology platform the impact to your business can be significant. You will need to understand the differences and how to communicate these differences to your user community and/or customers. There are many factors that need to be considered when implementing a new migration strategy and PalmGroves Tech can provide you with the answers. A clear strategy will save you money, time and possibly customers.

Data Centers :

With ever increasing power and cooling requirement, increased deployment of low profile servers and advances in blade frame technologies, greater emphasis needs to be placed on the delivery of mechanical services to the data center, Requirements for fault tolerance where the data center can sustain at least one unplanned worst-case site infrastructure failure with no critical load impact, and the development of off-site / co-location strategies coupled with BP/DR demands need also to be considered. Through our systematic approach to risk assessment, and our understanding of local and global technology requirements, we are in a positioned to formulate a data center strategy to best cater to your business needs.

Relocations :

Defining project plans and schedules, project organization definition, resource planning, determining physical infrastructure requirements, evaluating new technologies, technology and vendor selection, engaging the IT organization, responding to business needs, technology deployment and testing, asset tracking, budget definition and cost control, and project signoff and documentation are the processes at the core of a well executed relocation project. Using these processes we can run your relocation to ensure a successful and well times relocation.


The effect of a major disaster on your business can be tremendous and in case where adequate safety nets have not been put in place, the result can be financial loss or regulatory or legal complications. In today's business environment a BCP/DR strategy that can protect your business against minor or local IT, building or company wide outages, or large natural disasters need to be in place. Our consultants can work with you to
  1. Establish a broad BCP/DR policy,
  2. Obtain stake holders' signoff and budget approval,
  3. Implement a Business Impact Analysis process,
  4. Develop a site specific BCP/DR IT strategy,
  5. Organize and resource the BCP/DR project,
  6. Initiate fieldwork and deliver a solution, and
  7. Test and train end users
Our analyst will walk your through a step-by-step process including a review of your long view of business objectives, current technology infrastructure, business process, service vendor and contractor positioning.

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