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IT Services

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Outsourcing :

PalmGroves Technical Support Services can provide fulltime onsite engineers including :
  1. Helpdesk Support Engineers,
  2. Server / Infrastructure Engineers,
  3. Network Engineers,
  4. Unix Systems Administrators,
  5. Database Administrators, and
  6. Market Data Support Specialists.
With over 15 years of experience in outsourcing with a track record for delivering results, in addition to competitive pricing and a commitment to cost reduction, PalmGroves Tech is positioned to provide your business with a broad set of technical and project management skills and at an affordable price. The key to the success of our outsourcing services lies in hiring only the best people available and for this reason we put a lot of effort into our recruiting process. As a company we use a Performance Based Recruiting Method that involves drafting comprehensive job description to detail the requirements of each outsourcing position, and a comprehensive interviewing process backup by technical tests and reference checking. In addition to recruiting the right candidates, one of the best and most rewarding methods for finding the right people is to develop our existing staff. As a company we put a lot of emphasis on employee retention and training, as in the long run this helps us to achieve the high performance we demand and gives us the ability to adapt and respond to our customers' needs.

The success of our sourcing service lies in our ability to hire and retain motivated, dedicated and adaptable people.

Managed Services :

Managed Services simplify the management of IT functions and facilities the ongoing alignment of IT with your overall business strategy. Using Managed Services ensures that you receive predictable levels of support on instant basis, without worrying about headcount. Alternatively using our Helpdesk Support or Coordinator support services, as your business grows we can tailor your IT support needs to best suit your changing business requirements, leaving you to focus your attention on your business and not on IT services.

PalmGroves Tech provides a set of flexible Support Options for our valuable customers:


Our support consists of a helpdesk, as well as unique on-site engineer response, if a problem not resolved by the helpdesk within stipulated time of 30 minutes.

Helpdesk Support :

Our helpdesk support services allow you to take a more strategy, long term approach to your organization's technology needs, while knowing that your users daily desktop support issues are being dealt with an efficient, timely and professional manner. Our Helpdesk Support can also provide you with the statistics your need to identify reoccurring fault, giving you the opportunity to improve the efficiency of your support services by eliminating such problems through technology improvements, user training or changes in your user support structure.

Onsite Coordinator :

For any business in normal condition there are changes and we can provide Onsite coordinator to gather all required change information and coordinate all IT and non-IT entities for the smooth execution of you changes. PalmGroves Tech's Onsite Coordinators are backed up by a pool of offsite technicians that are available round-the-clock to execute each job.

We can tailor your IT support needs to best suit your changing business requirements, leaving you to focus your attention on your business and not on IT services.

Remote IT Consulting and Support :

In addition to our on-site support services, PalmGroves Tech in-house engineers also provide an integrated support product for any sized companies. It consists primarily of baseline remote support, supplemented by follow up on-site services available even on per-call-basis. Available services include:
  1. Security solutions (firewalls / encryption cards) installation and testing,
  2. Site Survey and systems documentation,
  3. email and network faxing software installation,
  4. Hardware & Software procurement,
  5. Network design and implementation,
  6. Server Installation, Configuration and testing

If you are looking for any need or suggestion on IT Services, we can be your single point contact for all your needs.
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